Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wagon Train Pictures

These pictures are in no order, whatsoever:)
Ahahahaa.. I actually got the pictures on my computer upclose and I busted out laughing:)
Josh hasn't rode a horse since he was a kid (I know this is a mule but he rode a horse too). He is as scared of them as I am (almost). He had one run away with him when he was a kid. Don't he look cute up on that thing?

Andrew & Madam:) I just love it.
This picture was an accident but I think it's so cool.. With the cross and then the "cowboy".. I don't know I just love photography like this.

Can you believe, I'm willingly going to stay in this next year?

I'm not sure if Chad was taking this picture or what.. If so, you need some practice brother. If not, hahaha I can understand if it was Dad. He calls himself an armature photographer. He makes me giggle.

This is a mule, his name is Buster. He is the biggest mule I have ever seen in all my born days.

Words can't describe God's country, so I'm not going to try.

Dusty in basketball shorts & boots. We had one of Wesley like this too but it's blurry. I don't know if this is them getting ready for bed or to go take a bath in the creek. Either way I find it amusing.

Mule behinds. haha, the view from the inside looking out. How would you like to stare at this for 7 days?
This is my brother Chad, the last picture I think we have of him on a horse he was way younger and the horses name was "Dusty" not "Uggums". .haha but he did have an orange shirt on!
This would be "Pawpaw" Daniel's house. It is so beautiful inside & out. Pretty pretty:)

This is the house we stayed in. It may not look big to you, but it's huge. Especially on the inside.. && What was cool was the 4 foot rooms upstairs!
This is a "family" picture. Even though I don't know two of the people in it. They seem to mean a lot to Dad. Bottom Row L2R: My SIL Trish, Middle Brother Andrew, My dad's friend Billy "Coleman". Second Row L2R: My mom, My dad, Me, & Dusty. Top Row L2R: My SIL Nikki, Oldest brother Chad, Nephew Clayton, & Coleman's son.

This is "Pawpaw" Daniel. I broke the news to him on the trip that he was adopted. He seemed happy. What everyone thinks is funny is he is only six years older than my dad. Oh & the horse is Clifford. He's a beaut!
Pictures of these mountains just don't describe their beauty to justice. It's fascinating! This one is my favorite that I took!

This is Detroit Kyle. We call him Detroit, well because he's from Detroit, Michigan. He's the Redneck Yankee. Oxymoron, sho'nuff! He's a sweet kid though.

This is just Dusty & Andrew goofing off.

I made a friend while I was there. He was always at the house. But he wouldn't come out and say bye when we left, I figure he thought we were coming back. I named him Rusty. It's strange because I normally don't like dogs all that much but I rather enjoyed him. I wanted to bring him home"/
This is Clayton's first horse ride ever!!
I looked up Robbinsville on Google Earth & this chicken was in front of the Texaco. && I was excited about seeing the giant chicken in front of the Texaco:)
This is Daniel's pasture. Where his Holstein Hippopotamus (Clifford) stays. Literally, his fence post are like three feet high.Jamie's a picture freak:) haha.. so I took a bunch coming home. This is just to prove when you are outside up there you have to look up everywhere. & I love it.

It's like I'm homesick for a place I don't even live. I love this place. Dad said that we may be going back in a couple weeks:) That makes me more happy than you will ever know.


chadandnikki said...

Those pics are great. It seems they had an interesting time. And you're seriously thinking about sleeping in that stinky horse trailer next year? Have you lost your mind?