Tuesday, July 14, 2009


New word. It's "ventatious" that means (in Jamie's head) that something is vent worthy on my blog:)

Camp is in two weeks & I'm super duper excited. I love camp. Everything about it. Minus the humidity & bugs:) I like it. You can go out of cellphone signal and into the woods and it's just God around you. It's amazing.

This year however, I do believe there will be a weelittleteensy bit of drama. I mean I can deal. Because it's not mine. But I want it to stop when it starts because we aren't at camp for girlfriends and boyfriends. Do people not get that?!?! I stopped some last year. These kids were younger than me by a few years and my friend came up to me crying about this boy and her friend blah blah blahhh and I got the girls together (in her group) and I sat them down and I was like "Y'all you really need to stop this rumor this rumor that. It's not what camp is about. We came up here to get away from stuff like that. I don't care what boys you like here, call them when you get home. Camp is about getting closer to God and learning all you can about Him." I was just tired of it. They respected me for it and as far as I know the drama stopped and I actually got to lead one of the girls to the Lord that week. ( I was so nervous when I did that because me and her didn't really get along that good ).

This year, I honestly will not put up with it. I refuse. This isn't a weekend get away with your boyfriend. It's camp. About JESUS & GOD!! Come on people!! Get with it.

Of course if any starts and my patience totally runs out (I have a pretty long fuse) I will say my peace.
Nicely of course:)


chadandnikki said...

You are too funny. Good for you for helping to keep the peace.