Saturday, July 11, 2009

Diane Carswell

Recently a woman in our church, Jo Gouge, died. It was around Tuesday I believe. It was after years of declining health. & today @ the funeral her daughter just broke my heart. & made me think about "what if my mom died?". I would be devistated & I'm not sure how I would live. I know we get in fights and whatnot (what teenage girl and her mother don't?) however, I know that if I can't count on anyone else in the world, I can count on her. She will be my mom & my best friend above all others. I'm sure I'll realize this more once I move out and we can get even closer but since that is years and years from now I must try to make it work now.

A little about my mom:

She was born October 7, 1960 to Irene & Roy Carswell. She grew up on Rob Carswell Rd off Enola. About two years ago they tore down the house she was raised in (my aunt lived in it till then). She got saved at South Mountain Baptist Camp when she was 9 years old. She met my dad (Dennis Carswell) when she was 15 and on their first date he looked her in the eyes and said "I'ma marry you". Three years later when she was 18 that happened. She had her first son, Chad Avery Carswell, on November 24, 1980 when she was 20. & on October 8, 1983 she had her second son, Andrew Ryan Carswell. Then she wasn't going to have anymore because she didn't think she would have a girl:) Then Daddy wanted one more kid and promised her it would be a girl. Good thing he kept his promise. Haha, nah.. I was born April 30, 1991. My mom has always been pretty awesome. We started going to church when I was 4 and she has always been Godly and upstanding in my eyes. She's a good person with a beautiful heart. She doesn't talk that much if she doesn't know you. && there is nothing in this world like her darling grandson, Clayton Avery Carswell.

I love my mom. & if she ever read blogs I would want her to know how much I love her and that when I say mean stuff, I don't mean it. It's just my anger. We all say stuff we don't mean. I wish I could take it back everytime after I say it. Because I know it has to hurt when your own child is mean to you.

I love you mom. More than anyone else ever could in this world.

I saw how fast God took Erin's mom & I don't want that to happen to you or me. I'm not as strong as Erin. (Erin is a girl I went to school with, we've been friends since 2nd grade).

However, if God does take you from me it will just show and prove to me that He only takes the best. Love ya Momma.


chadandnikki said...

That's a great post. As a girl/lady, your mom is so incredibly important. It's a relationship like no other. And, I love being on both sides of that fence now.