Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh my goodness it's Wednesday!

I just realized that it was Wednesday & I have tons to do.
-washing and drying clothes so I have something to wear
-feeding up the animals

Well I got most of it done. Wednesdays feel like such short days because we have church at night. I fed up the animals. I had to carry the water house all the way across the yard because the waterhose broke up at the pump house to water the donkeys (because of my brother Chad we have more mouths to feed & Jamie has an extra chore :) thanks Brother). This waterhose ordeal wouldn't have happened if our pump house waterhose wouldn't have broke. Yesterday I had to carry the water to them in a five gallon bucket (so fun).

Okay you don't care about this.. haha sorry.

You know what? The whole time my brothers beautiful loud truck was sitting in our driveway and Mom thought it didn't have collision. She misunderstood and it has 0 something. To where you don't have to pay if it gets hurt. "/ I could've been driving it all this time!! But it's okay. My awesome SIL, Nikki, took the temptation from me today. So I got the Neon:) That works. I have memories with that car, haha that's what I drove to get my license.

So how is everyone's day?

Brother Tom Shuford is preaching at our church tonight since Dad is out of town this week. I told him to call Tanner Mondee (spelt that wrong) hahaha.. But he didn't. LOL

Okay I'm done embarrassing myself. See ya!


chadandnikki said...

You have absolutely no sense. Maybe you can persuade Chad to give the donkeys an even better home.