Friday, July 24, 2009


If you haven't heard, I have poisonoak all over my face these days. && every morning that I wake up it has spread:( Which really sucks, because camp is Sunday!!

I went to the doctor yesterday though, and got some Prednizone (sp?). It's been working for Tyler, so I hope it works for me. The possible side effects made me slightly worried. Because if they are going to happen to anyone it's more than likely going to be me. Murphy's Law.

You may be wondering how I got it from Tyler? Well (no Chad we weren't "necking" behind the church). I didn't even touch him. I don't know what happened. Really. Tyler's doctor told him that it can't be transfered from one person to another, I beg to differ my friend. I didn't have it till Sunday & who was I around Sunday?? I do believe it was Tyler.

My doctor (well not my normal doctor, she's out of town, but the doctor I went to see) said that it's always a debate. It's never been actually proven. But he thinks that it can be if a person has been scratching and then touches someone else.

Either way, I have it & I haven't been around it, and I want rid of it!!
That's my PO update:)


chadandnikki said...

Feel better soon. Hopefully the prednisone won't give you any problems. Love ya.

Simply Donna...... said...

Sorry about the P Oak. Hope you are feeling better soon, especially before camp.

Thanks for the heads up about LiveJournal. I have never heard of it, but am going to check it out.