Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camp '10!

Camp is this week:)


I am so excited. Camp comes at the same time every year. But, this year.. it really couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Right when I need God the most. He sure does know how to work things out! For my good & His glory:).


Our church doesn't go to a camp that is famous or anything.


My brother, Chad, and wife, Nikki, started it about 5 years ago. I honestly can't remember if this is our 5th or 6th year there. After the first year, our church kept it going. All are welcome:). It's so fun!


Here in Morganton there is a common highway by the name of 181. On this highway there is a waterpark called Steele Creek. Across from Steele Creek there is a little road that looks like a private drive. Down that little road across a bridge there is a river and a field and lots of space, some bathrooms and a few cabins. My sanctuary. This is the place where once a year when I get bogged down by the rest of the world.. God rejuvenates my soul:).


I could stay at camp for a month and be completely content. If you experienced it once, you could do the same.


It's back in the "sticks" away from everything. No cell phone services & no electronics are allowed. I know, I know.. you poor souls. Really, I'm a person who needs her cell phone ahaha, because I'm always texting. But, up there.. things like that, are the last things on my mind.


There will be tons of new pictures when I come back next week!


älskare av kärlek said...

(: It seems amazing. Can't wait to come.

Kari said...

Sounds like tons of fun. I think, especially in these days, getting away from it all is great. Sometimes it's not easy to come back into reality because you get use to really 'living life' without all the hussle and bussle.
I hope you have a life changing time! Very cool that the church kept it going! Awesome.

Also, you've left so many nice comments this past month and I've responded to all of them until this last one when I realized you have a no-reply comment email address when you leave comments. So - I've been sending you thank you emails to some email box out in cyberspace that you will never read - haha! Sorry!