Saturday, July 10, 2010

Behold The Lamb

After some things that have happened in recent months, weeks, ... days I have had a problem connecting with God. I couldn't feel Him. I can't stand that. At. All. It's like I need to feel Him. Like, I yearn for Him. It's just a necessity in my life.

Behold the lamb. I will worship.

Every morning, when I work, on my way to work is the perfect oppurtunity for some alone time for God. Well, Lauren Talley has become my sidekick. Her and I jam out everyday. We have got real close. Soul Sisters. Really, she's awesome.

Behold the lamb. I will honor.

I heard this song today. It was amazing.
I got chill bumps.
I felt God.
It was like I had a cure.

I have an addiction.
To God.
When I can't feel him, it's like I need a fix.
Well, this morning I did.

He is holy, He is marvelous, My strong tower, He is righteous.

& again when I was headed home.

The living word, Sacrifice, Restorer of my broken life.

My life isn't broken anymore.
What I have done in the past does not have to make me who I am.
It can help me help someone else whom I may someday come in contact with someday who needs someone. I will take my past and make it to glorify God.

I can just now look back and see where God has brought me from.

Behold The Lamb.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know that you've got God back in your life. I hope things get even better for you. Quick. It's kinda sad to know that I'm not your bestfriend anymore. But I love you anyway. And I can't think of anybody better to take my place. I love you miss JamieLynn. I'll be seeing you.