Thursday, December 17, 2009

:) :) :)

I love making DVD's if you don't know. Taking pictures and videos and putting them to music or words and it's just a lot of fun and they mean a lot to the people you give them too. I always make them around Christmas time because it's a good meaningful-from-the-heart gift. & it will make you cry and laugh your hindend off at the same time! Because yes, me.. I am cool like that!
We (as in my best friend & I) have been trying to make a video for a friend of mine.. and we are trying to be serious but we just keep cracking up. It’s so funny. I think I’m going to send them to my friend anyways.. because it’s the real us acting crazy. It’s a lot of laughing and camera shaking because I can’t be serious.. Ever. It’s impossible to be serious when you are with your best friend. True story.

You probably do not care that I had to pee. (Sorry). But.. that's what happens at 1:someodd time in the morning and you have been laughing for an hour straight. This isn't the funniest one. I deleted the way funny one on accident"/.. I was upset. But it's okay.. we will make more funny ones! Plus when I'm 70.. it will be fun to sit around with her & watch them:).. Because yes, we will be bestfriends forever.


Chatterbox said...

Good to see you are having a fantastic fun time this festive season.

Keep smiling and sharing cheer with everyone around you.

Keep writing Jamie. I love to see you around.