Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catchup on the last three weeks..

Why do I find the need to blog endlessly about a guy? Because I have nothing better to do with my life. Okay so before I get into this too deep.. I met someone. && no he infortunatley does not live here. Anyhoo.. We have talked for about 3 and a half weeks. Before you go weird on me let me inform those of you who have followed me from the beginning.. T has nothing on this guy. Never has and never will. This new guy.. Shall we call him, uh.. CM. That's not obvious, anyways!!!

When me and CM started talking no joke he is like the boy version of me even my dad said "this could be the boy I have been praying for". When my dad says something nice about a guy and then let's me call him after meetig him online.. that's crazy my friend. Because my dad doesn't care much for the good ol' 'net. Which I understand when it comes to all the things that have happened to people on there and stuff. Anyways. When I started talking to CM it was awesome. We have just about everything in common which is a big deal to me because I never have everything in common with a guy. The thing that we had in common that we had most of all was God. If you know me or even half of my heart of hearts you would know that Godliness is NUMBER 1 thing on my Guy List For God. I have always wanted to meet someone that loved God as much as me and we could build off what He wants in our lives and that's what me and CM have done. We started praying about it all......

Long story short? Because I know if I were you I'd be begging me to just give me the short story because this is boring.

He is so scared of getting hurt he basically pushes me away. Not on purpose. It just happens like that. So on accident he hurts me to keep from getting hurt. He then decides that maybe we just moved too fast and I agree with him and we decide to start over...

I'm going to point out bow ridiculous it feels to sit there and pretend that we don't know eachother. Because I know what makes him tick... what makes him happy, sad, angry, laugh... && I have to pretend I don't.

Any words of wisdom? Don't diss me 'cause I'm young. Give me some real advice and encouragement.

This is coming from my itouch so apologies about anything misspelled or whatever:)


chadandnikki said...

Here are my words of wisdom. Don't ever pretend. It just isn't worth it. Let God direct your relationship and follow His wisdom.