Monday, December 28, 2009

Like You Care.

Thought I'd update you on CM for all three of you that read my blog.

Uh, not a whole lot has changed. Just a little. He talks more and isn't so distant. I took my amazing SIL's advice and did not pretend that I didn't know him because when I thought about that would have made things so much worse. I really do care about him. I mean.. I just do. God knows because I talk about it with Him all the time. Things are just different and after talking to CM, he didn't find anything different. He's just "scared to get hurt". I care about his feelings and I understand that he has been hurt a lot in the past but if I hear it one more time... Anyways, is it necessary to compare me to those girls? Because I can promise him one thing, I'm nothing like any girl he's ever met. Most everyone knows that. My dear ol' dad told me the other day "there aren't many like you. In fact, there's none like you". That was in the middle of his "I'm proud of you" speech. Which by the way are my favorite speeches:).

BACK ON TRACK! One more question.. Is it necessary or fair to put me with those girls? Liking he is waiting for failure. && to keep from getting hurt he accidentally hurts?

Why in the midst of all this confusion... I still find him as perfect as I ever have?

So many unanswered questions. So much time.. I need a life. Hahahahaha.

(once again coming from my iPod touch. Sorry for mistakes:))


chadandnikki said...

Unfortunatly at first there are comparisons. It has to be that way so you learn what qualities you like, want, and need in another person.