Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'd Rather Have Jesus

That's a really good song. You should check it out:) It's so true too! I rather have Him than anything in this whole wide world.

So tonight we had a fill-in preacher, Steve Chapman. Dad had some stuff done to his back today in Gastonia so he couldn't preach because he is on 24-hour bed rest. ANYWAYS!! Steve done so good. && it's like everything he preached on, I had read this week somewhere in my Bible! He preached on staying "near the cross". My favorite quote he said was "I love to talk to people about the cross wherever I go, He's not on the cross anymore!" That's so true! He preached out of Galations 6. && he also talked about how in Ephesians 6, every morning you should put on your whole armor of God!!! Awesome sermon!

So tonight the "love of my life" got mad. && I didn't like it. I can't explain the feeling I had when he got upset. But it just completely turned me off. && I was thinking maybe God was answering my prayer that he is just my brother:) && on top of that I think that I learned he isn't the "one".

I do like this other kid. No big deal. He's sortah shallow so I'm not seeing us ever being together. That & his mom. Long story that just isn't the World Wide Web's business! Sorry guys! Well anyways. He's my best friend & he means a lot to me. He's really been there for me!!! It's just nice to think about. Hahaha..

I think that this is all:) I don't have much today! My dad has to preach a funeral tomorrow! My Mom's, Uncle Wayne, died. Dad got to lead him to Jesus a few days ago! So Praise God that, that happened before the cancer took him. It's an answered prayer & really put my Mawmaw at ease.

After the funeral I hope to spend the day with a few of my close friends. Ashley Dombrowski, Taylor, & Janaye! I'm excited!!!!!!!