Friday, August 14, 2009

I see your face in my mind as I drive away.

"No one thought it'd ever end that way. People like people & sometimes we change our minds. It's killing me to see you go after all this time".

I like that song, by Taylor Swift.
I like everything of hers.
It's called Breathe if you want to check it out.

**Nikki: while I have been driving your car, I have been listening to your Taylor Swift CD:)**

Today was eventful.
I woke up & ate breakfast:)
Then I washed 50 lbs. of beets.
Then Mom & Dad put them on the cooker & I left to help Tonya with VBS stuff.
We are doing crafts & it's harder to get everything together than I thought it was!
I'm excited though:) Because we make these really awesome pillows!
Mine's all tye-dye fleece:)

I wrote a song for God that I want you to check out:)
If you think it's stupid, don't comment it.
It's called:

My Sweet Rose of Sharon
Up on a lonely hill
You took my place
That cross was mine to bare
Yet it was your blood which was spilt

The thorns were mine
That robe was mine
Those nails were mine
& that sword was mine

There was no spot in you
And a thousand in me
Your red blood stained me white
So salvation could be free

Thank you Jesus
You are my dearest friend
Thank you Jesus
For taking my place
With Your mercy & grace
Setting me free
To live for eternity

I wish I could repay you
I'm going to live for you

Give me your heart
Give me your eyes
Give me your taste
Give me your grace
Give me the whole armor of God

Fill me with You

I love you my God
My Sweet Rose of Sharon
I love you my Lord
The fairest one of all

I'll never cease to praise you
For the peace I have found
Thank you God, I love you
Oh, God, I praise You

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for setting me free

Once again, if you think it's lame. Don't comment it.
I wrote it from my heart.

So there is a decision that I have to make.
&& I'm not saying what it is.
Just because it's nobody's business but mine.
However, pray for me that God will show me which way to choose.
I have prayed for his guidance.
He has yet to answer my prayer.
But everything is in His time!