Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Nice Things, Here & There.

You know how people do little nice things that most people look over? Things you do for people you don't even know. Like helping a lady with her groceries, picking something up when someone drops it, or even letting someone borrow your phone when they don't have one.

Have you ever though that those people could be.. angels? (for lack of a better word). Or just wonderful God-fearing Christian people who may need a little encouragement that there are still good people in this world.

I ran across this the other day. I was driving to get my Mom & Clayton some Chinese food & this man in a green van was sitting at Hardee's needing out onto the main street. && if you know anything about Morganton getting out at Hardee's, Checkers, Denny's, etc.. is hard. Well I stopped & let him out, otherwise he could have been there all day long. Okay that was exaggerated but still it's hard to get out at those places! && it was really neat, because I wasn't going to let him out at first because there was a thousand mile line of cars behind me & I was thinking they might get upset. But I love old people:) Nah, I just thought that, that man may be in a hurry or something & the other people could wait. I wasn't in a hurry, Clayton was asleep & Mom was watching her soaps. So I let him out.

&& you know when I let him out & looked at the back of his car there were these Jesus bumper stickers everywhere. Like WWJD?, Jesus Saves, I love Jesus, etc... I really thought it was neat. It actually touched my heart. & I thanked my God for people that you run across that love Him too. I may never see that man again but I wish I could tell him that he touched my heart.

You may not see this as a big thing, but I really thought it was neat to me. It encouraged me that day. One of God's little ways of slipping in that He loves me & He's everywhere:)

Has this ever happened to you? If so, how?