Sunday, August 16, 2009

Should Have.

I should have just took the handshake instead of the hug.
I should have endured the splashes & stopped talking.
I should have laughed at his joke, & walked away.
I should have said "yeah, that's cool" & walked out of his room.
I should have said "I have no idea what you are talking about" & stopped trying to understand. Just so I could have a conversation with him.
I should rip that letter out of the back of my journal & burn it.
I should take his pictures down.
I should burn every song I have ever written about him.
That would be burning every song I have ever written. Period.
I shouldn't like blue eyes.
&& I shouldn't love his smile.
I shouldn't have told him that I liked his hair the way it was today. Messy.
I SHOULD NOT feel this way.

Man, I should have done a lot of things differently.

Ohkay, that's my soapbox for today:
So, I officially think that Ernest Hemmingway is an idiot.
Sorry for any fans out there.
He may have been a good author, but he sucked at love.
He was married four times & killed himself in 1961.
You know, that would have never happened if he would have just chased Agnus when she left his house!
His TRUE love!!!!! I don't get it? Why don't people just go for it? If you love them, tell them.
All he wanted was her love & that's what he got, & he let pride and embarassment get in his way. What's wrong with him???

I just got done watching "In Love & War". It was a good movie, till the end.
&& might I say Chris O'Donnell is a beautiful man.
Check out them blue eyes:) Ohkay, goodnight:)


chadandnikki said...

Uhm.............not having a good day? It's hard loving and then not loving. I love ya anyway. Still haven't seen my yak. Chad tells me it probably won't happen since they live in the Himelyans and we're in the Rockies. I think he's just a party pooper.