Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sun tanned toes, tickling the sand:)

No cold drink was chilling in my right hand.
However, I did get burnt.
My tanline makes me look deformed because my bathing suit strap is in the middle of my bathing suit & not on the sides.
Oh well, my farmer's tan from the other day is officially evened out.

I jumped off the highdive @ Steel Creek today, & I swanny I broke a rib & my shoulder.
My glasses cut my face too. *Yes I wore glasses on the highdive. I can't see without them.
I went down the waterslide too & busted my elbow at the end.
**The same elbow I busted open three years ago.

Oh well, now I'm back home!!!
I had fun though!
It was my favorite people in the whole world.

I don't have much today.
I had one of those tell-it-like-it-is days.
Ever had those?
Jamie didn't want to be nice today if others weren't nice to her.
But thankfully, everyone was nice:)

Keep praying for the decision that I have to make.
I don't want to make the wrong one.
&& I want God to be in it all!

Nikki, I still hope you see a random Yak.
&& I miss you guys tons!
I don't like the feeling that you aren't right there.
I love you guys! && be safe!!!