Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I like about today__

As tired as I may or may not be.. here is a list of things that I loved about today.

-I got to spend time with my two older brothers.
-I got to drive Andrew's big red Dodge (note that this is a stickshift. Okay, okay I'll admit it was in low 4-wheel drive and I didn't go passed 1st gear. Not the point, I drove it without it dying is the point)
-Spending time with my dad.
-Throwing hay bails onto a real long trailer while it was moving.
-Jumping on the pile of hay bails on the trailer while it was moving (that was fun).
-Riding real high on the top of the hay bails on the trailer.
-Throwing a football around with my brothers.
-Laying in the grass looking at the sky.. I never noticed how beautiful the sky really was. I just never look up. I think I'ma start doing that.
-Gathering hay in the dark.
-Spinning a wheel in my dad's yellow Ford because I took off on a hill.
-Spending time with my Uncle Rick.
-Eating sunflower seeds with Andrew & Dad while we was waiting on Chad to finish bailing so we could pick up.
-Learning something new from my dad.
-Finally really appreciating my dad for what he is, has accomplished, I just love him.
-Not being mad at God anymore.
-Watching Chad sing to the top of his lungs on the tractor because nobody could hear him.
-The loft in Uncle Rick's barn and the motor hay bail thing that gets the bails to the loft without us carring them.
-Having the ability to work.
-The fact that I didn't get a farmer's tan since Andrew & Trish's wedding is a whole of 9 days away.
-Spending all day long outside.

Yeah today was pretty good. I loved it all. I love my life.
I hope y'all had a good day too! :)


Joan Carr said...

Sounds like hard work to me. But glad you and the boys enjoyed it

chadandnikki said...

That's not my thing at all, but ya'll enjoyed it, that's all that matters. So Chad was singing on the tractor? Too funny!!