Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm pretty excited about the weekend thus far. Today we are having the Wedding Rehearsal for Trish & Andrew @ 5 then afterwards we are going out to eat @ Prime Sirloin Steakhouse (aka AJ's Steakhouse because that's what it was first).. After all this I'm going back to Tonya's (T's mom) house to stay the night because all the guys are taking Andrew fishing (&& keeping him up all night *this is where my evil laugh comes in :)*) So I'm staying there because this will probably get to be the last time I am with Trish for the night that I'm going to have in a long time :(

You don't understand haha, I'm excited about the wedding and them being married don't get me wrong, but I spend literally every weekend with her && now I don't.. haha it's messed up! Okay that sounded like I'm mad but I'm not.

Tomorrow is the big day. We have to be @ the church @ 9:00 am (no sleeping in this weekend) then the wedding is @ one o'clock, after this clean up :/ lame..

Sunday it's the norm just minus Trish & Andrew because they are on the honeymoon.

I have a serious burden on my heart so please keep me in your prayers. It's getting to the point that it's slightly making me mad. & to be mad about that hurts me..

Welp, I'm off:) Have a WONDERFUL day!!


chadandnikki said...

Should be a blast. I think everyone's excited.