Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking back ...

"through the years, the heartaches & tears, the Lord has never once let me down. Though I don't understand still I'll trust in His plan...."

Okay that's not what this entry is about but that song popped in my head when I wrote the title. This entry is about a post I made back in January with a whole wish list of things that I wanted or prayed for God to do in my life. It's not yet 2010 but I was going through old blogs since I have nothing else to do right now and I came across it..

This is what has been answered so far:
_I could be as close to God as possible.
_I could take up piano again (even though it's slow right now I am teaching myself to play "Sweet By and By" :) that may or may not be someone special's favorite song)
_I stopped caring what others thought.
_I am more out going and confident in myself (on most days).
_I have spent as much time with my nephew as possible even though I'm busy all the time.
_I have stopped fighting with my mom so much :)
_I have become closer with my brothers. Mainly Andrew which is the main one I was shooting for because me and Chad are pretty close as it is.
_I'm not as shy anymore (still shy just not as much).
_I have made someone laugh everyday.
_Chad & Nikki are having another baby.
_My parents not longer treat me as a child.
_Trish & Andrew are getting married.
_I don't have the feeling to try as hard as I once did.
_My prayer life is better.
_I haven't gotten anymore tickets to cost my parents money:)
_I don't complain as much.
_I have made good grades.
_I have learned something new (almost) everyday.
_I have learned more.
_I no longer take life for granted or the things in it.
_I give big hugs everyday..

Not everything on my list has come true but I personally think it has come a long way.


chadandnikki said...

I love your lists.