Sunday, May 17, 2009

Randommmm ba bandom..

So, I'm homeschooling whatever children I may or may not have. Because Senior Project is expensive, annoying, and the biggest hassle I have yet to deal with in my life. I will not make my children suffer this way..

I'm finally finished with that dang portfolio. It's missing the interview and the title page. Because I don't know what the title page looks like and the interview is at school. Yeah.. I thank God for the teacher I have!!

Hm, I have nothing to talk about.

OH! I lied.. My dear friend Wesley Dearman (get it? haha) seems to think T likes me. Just from his observations of us haha.. Wes is actually really good at reading people. It's sortah spooky because it's like he can tell you what your feeling or something.. Creepayy! ha, just kidding I personally think it's awesome. Anyways, it's too long to type on here. But the gist of what Wes said is.. it seems to him that we like each other but we are waiting for the other to say something. So someone needs to make a move... We are both scared of rejection. Because he said that I sortah push away from T to make it seem like I don't like him and we are just friends (so true)--- it's crazy and Wes explains it better.

Pray for David Vandyke and family (my cousins).. His son Matthew and his girlfriend, Brittnay, were walking to the rodeo last night and they got hit by a car & it killed Brittnay. She was 17 years old and her and Matthew have a baby. So keep them in your prayers. I don't think she was saved but I am nobody to judge. Pray God get the glory out of it. I know it may seem hard for their family to do that right now.. Pray lives are touched and God is used in this situation.

Speaking of the Rodeo.. I defiantely went there Saturday. You will never meet someone that is so scared of cows and horses/mules (whatever the beastlike four legged creature is) than I am. But, I LOVE rodeos.. Weird, huh? Growing up my brother's had a friend named Jeremey Reed (beautiful__haha) and his dad always ran a rodeo and Chad & Andrew used to participate in it. Well his father died a few years ago and Jeremy keeps the rodeo going. It's called Hillside Farms. It's neat to watch the bull riding and stuff. I actually have a friend that barrell races and a few friends that ride bulls. It's neato!!

T graduates Saturday btw.. and he presents his big SP speech Tuesday so please keep him in your prayers :)

Okay.. I have nothing more to say..
Good day.. I SAID GOOD DAY!