Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm really going to do it this time!!

I have said for years on years.. at least once a week that I am going to start losing weight and eat right. I have done the whole "don't eat two meals only one at night" gig but.. it's like my body got immune to it so the weight stopped coming off.. hahaha! So I'ma do it the right way this time.

I haven't been able to go walking or anything much but I have been doing push-ups (the sissy kind against the wall because I can only do like two of the normal kind). I've been doing 31 a night (because I hate even numbers blame the OCD or whatever it is I have hahaha).. And I do this muscle burn thing where I hold my leg up with the muscle's tightened.. something I read in a magazine... not fun but makes me feel better that I have been doing it. && I did 120 sit-ups last night. Let me tell ya, I felt the burn.

I also am going to eat right. I ate breakfast this morning :) A cup of Corn Flakes with milk & no sugar (I like them better that way).. I was going to bring Cherrios in a bag to school to eat for lunch but I had no bags so I'm lunchless. But it's okay!! I'll grab some when I get home..

This is all I have for today. Continue to pray for my brother Chad, SIL Nikki, nephew Clayton, & neice Johanna (Jo-Raye)!

Lata Gata!!!


chadandnikki said...

Good for you. It sounds counter productive, but you have to eat to lose weight. If you don't eat regularly your blood sugar goes all crazy, even if you aren't a diabetic. When your blood sugar goes off the deep end your entire body is affected. Praying for ya sweet cheeks