Monday, May 4, 2009

15 Things I love..

I got this from Amy & Nikki. You know as I was writing the title I was thinking how easy it is to come up with 15 things that you aren't fond of. So this could be difficult... Here goes;

1. My prom night, I replay it over and over in my head everyday (I'm a lameo, I know but I choose to hold on to the little things).

2. The ability to read. I love to read and it takes me away from here when I don't want to be here. My favorite book is "Where the Heart is" by Billie Letts. I love how she words things.

3. My green eyed, redheaded nephew. All the afore mentioned things I listed about him are the qualities I love about him that are on the outside (including his adorable ears). I also love how I can look at him and smile because he does the cutest things at the perfect moments.

4. My ability to make others laugh. I don't care if I laugh for the rest of my life, as long as someone else is happy (however, I do love to laugh but I laugh at myself so it's all good). Laughter is the best medicine no matter what is wrong. It's proven. I promise anything could be wrong and if you laugh you feel better. No laughing doesn't solve the problems you are faced with but it helps.

5. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn some of the best books EVER written.

6. My Jesus, My Savior. There is nothing in this world like Him. Oh, how He works miracles in our lives daily. Some noticed, some never seen. I love that He has given me the ability to thank Him even when I don't like it.

7. The Jaynes family. Tonya, David, Tyler (<3), Austin, & Callie. They are my other family and I love them so much.

8. My family. I love everything about it.

9. 40 - 50's How amazing those times were. I think I was born around 50 years too late. If they had internet access back then, then it would be awesome. I love the music, movies, fashion. It's all awesome.

10. Butterflies in my stomach. Awkward, I know.

11. Photographs. They capture everything and make it impossible to forget.

12. Clayton's jealousy when I hold another kid.. Haha it was so cute today when I had Callie. It makes me feel good. Like he wants me ya know?

13. Having the ability to write songs so that the person I didn't say those words to can hear them.

14. Dresses. I don't have many. But I love me some sun dresses..

15. Singing, even though I'm not good at it. I love it and I love to do it, listen to it, yada yada yada.

I know it makes 16 but I love my memories. My childhood ones especially.

Eh, I don't reckon that was too hard. Well I'm going to go get a moonpie and some kool-aid.