Saturday, April 18, 2009


So we started our garden today. Normally I would not be so happy about this. Haha, but we didn't begin planting in the blazing sun, we started in the cool of the evening and even though I'm really tired right now it was actually fun to me. Today. haha, The next time I go out there I will probably hate it. However, for some reason today I liked it. I got on my "dirty" jeans and a tanktop. I sat in the dirt and planted plants. Literally sat in the dirt haha, you should see those jeans!

I also got a picture of my daddy that I love so much. && I'll treasure it forever.

He asked me where I learnt to plant a garden.... I told him I learned from the best :] I really did.

That tractor is so old. My, late, Great Uncle Eb used to use it in his garden. It was backfiring and stuff. But my dad was having fun.

I'm just so surprised at how much I had fun today doing that. I hope it's like that everytime :)

I have been fighting getting sick because prom is this weekend and all. But my throat is hurting really bad right now and I'm losing my voice "/ Haha, welp I guess I just can't talk as much. Some people might take that as a blessing!