Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gastonian fun..ha

Is Gastonian a word?? If so I'm not even Gastonian. I'm Morgantian... Idk but I had the most fun in Gastonia, North Carolina tonight.

Since me and my mother have been on an excursion to find a prom dress (so difficult) because I'm the girl that is like "I will know it's it when I try the thing on" and my mom is the one who says "Just get a dress Jamie Lynn". I also had a $100 dollar budget *cough* "I don't know what the price was mom, "they" ripped the tag off". That was my line...I gave in to the motherly guilt trip.......... I'm sorry Nikki please forgive me :/ It's the eyes, I promise. Plus it's not like she can make me take it back, I ripped the tags all off :)!! Hahaha... Also she can't make me take back a dress that she cried when I walked out of my room. I will post pictures as soon as I get some.

Next stop my date's vest. So, I'm going to have to go to Hickory with him to get it because, bless his heart, he is color blind and he will either think the color is black, blue, or Idk he might surprise me because it's shimmery" hahaha... Gotta love him. Indeed, I do<3

Anyways...Nikki is the hero of the night. We decided to take a trip to Texas Road House where I had never eaten before (when I'm with them I eat places I have never eaten before, but I think it's awesome). So we are seated, just got our food. && THEN (have to get dramatic) there is this commotion across this little barrier/wall thing. Amy (Nikki's other sisinlaw) thinks someone is fighting. I think someone is having a heartattack. && I panic when things like this happen. But Super Nikki :] takes control (because she's trained, might I add). Someone yells "himelic" (sp?)... This is when Nikki takes control. One minutes she is sitting at the table and the next minute she is gone and has gone across the floor doing her thing. Then the woman bless her heart was scared to death. Anyways, Nikki saved the night! Then Clayton got scared because Mommy got involved and he didn't understand.

He was such a good boy tonight.
God has blessed me so much.
I'm thankful for the Carr's, and Chad & Nikki.
(Later on I figured out my big brother was looking out for what his sister wanted)...
I just love him!!


Jamie Lynn said...

I didn't add that I love and thank God for my mom & dad too!!! <3

Amber McCarthy said...

I cant wait to see the dress

and yes you were right in your comment <333