Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm just so happy.. with my life in general, it is just amazing. I know I over analyze things and I'm probably getting my hopes up on everything but I will take the defeat later. The heartbreak will come I'm sure but I'll deal with it then. Because I'm just so happy.

Idk where that came from but I said it.

At this moment I'm in my lunch period and as always I'm spending it in the media center. I sound like a nerd but I'm really not. I just rather be in here enjoying the peace and quiet...

So my birthday is Thursday and I'm not excited really but I'm glad (&& thankful) that I get to turn 18. It's a big deal but then again I'm anxious in a sense because I rather be 16 again and not grow up. But it comes and that's what happens I'll move on no matter what my fears are. I'm just upset that I don't know what I want to do with my life :/

It will be okay though..
My life is in God's hands no matter what happens, I will trust in Him as I have always done.

The bell summens me back to English 12/Senior Project... Yippee!! Haha;


chadandnikki said...

Trust me you don't want to go back. life only gets better. Sometimes it's difficult, but it really only gets better.