Monday, April 20, 2009

My Clayton.

I know plenty of other people would say.. "He's my Clayton".. Haha but I love him so much! My life has been so busy these days.. When he's at my house I don't get a chance to see him all that much. It bothers me. But it makes it even better when I do get to be with him because then he ignores others in the room and becomes by buddy :) haha...

Mom asked him one day "Why do you love James so much?" ha...
Okay.. Haha.. I'm have seperaton anxiety from my buddy. For real. It's serious. Ha;

Well today was fun. I went to The Jaynes house and we were suppose to have Bible Study but we just never got to it. So we set up the Badmitten (sp?) net and played. It was the first time that I have ever played this game. Lets say I would never make it professionally. Tyler and I were on a team. It took us forever to serve because we kept making up new ways to serve it. It was so much fun though. We played against David (Ty's dad) and Austin (Ty's brother). We lost. But it was fun. Haha.... I had a few good shots!

Welp, I'm getting better from my sickness yay.. I woke up Sunday, however, with a cold sore. Prom is Saturday. So I ran to WallyWorld and got me some:::
Stuff worked miracles in my life. Plus I popped it with a needle... Equals OUCH!!!!!!!! Haha... I will never do that again. That little tube is expensive stuff!! $16.72.. What??!? My parents must really love me.

So prom is this weekend :) yay!! Hha....
I'm going to go write in my journal.