Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update Time

It has been a while since I updated and told you about my exciting life. Lately I just haven't been a computer nerd. My laptop seems to shut off these days so zi don't like getting on unless I totally have to.

You haven't missed anything much. I have posted most of the big news like the superior, prom, the wedding. We are still working on the prom and wedding. I just hope I get everything together for prom. I don't even have my dress yet, and I can't find one.

Senior English is stressing me bad. We have not only Senior Project to work on but we have normal english work. Reading books, writing papers, etc.. I just have so much due just this Friday.. a speech, a paper, a novel. It's crazy. I never knew it could be so stressful. This is when I wish that I had this schedule last semester. That way I would be passed all this.

My nephew Clayton spent the night with us Tuesday.. I didn't seem him till Wednesday because Trish (my brother's soon to be wife) had me at a salon till 10:30 to lighten her hair up. It wouldn't have taken so long if her hair wouldn't have turned orange and then another client of Tonya's walked in.. and Murphy's Law. So we played some Wednesday. I don't think he felt good or something .. He fussed at me a lot hahaha. But I have to get used to things like that from a kid. He's growing up and getting extremely independent. He is walking now.. Like a zombie to keep his balance. But walking, yes.

Oh, I was wanting to ask everyone to pray for my friend. Her and her boyfriend just broke up for reasons... and she has went the other way. I don't want to get into detail on here. I just ask for you prayers because she is not saved and this has been a huge burden on my heart. But God has not yet opened that door for me to talk to her about Him. I know she doesn't believe in Him that much and she's not saved. I just ask you to pray for her and me. That I can be the example I need to be to her from Him. Thanks to those of you that do.

I have to finish my paper and power point for english and business law so I'm going to get on that because my teacher has gave us about 45 minutes of freetime.

God Bless You on Your Day.