Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was such a blessed & WONDERFUL day!!

To start of the day today my dad and my brother, Andrew, had me up at 9 ready to work because we had to cut the limbs back off the road. I thought we would never finish!! I praise God that I was able to do it though because I hurt my back a few days back and it's getting better.

When we were done me, Trish (Andrew's girlfriend fiance'), my mom, and Tonya (a friend from church) went to Hickory to Fashion Mart to go wedding dress shopping. Trish got a dress on the first try!! I have yet to see her in it because I got here late. We also got a flower girls dress for Kali (my little cousin). Also my dress. The first one didn't go over well because, well I won't lie, I have big hips haha. I needed something that flaired a bit. I'm not big on the strapless but I have a shaw and I'll be tan by then so it is all good.

Oh.. I am sitting here jabbering away about a wedding. Well my brother finally asked his girlfriend of 4 and 1/2 years to marry him!! :) I'm so happy. She also got her ring today and she's getting her wedding band sized!!

I'm also going to be an aunt again!! :D:D:D

God has blessed me so much in so many ways.. just today.

My nephew got cake all over him while eating his personal cake and when Chad went to change him he come out with a shirt that says "I'm the big brother" :D That was the best way to tell us.
See, God had it worked out to where they couldn't have Clayton's party on the designated date. I think that might just be why.

I'm still contimplating on prom. I don't know. With the wedding, and all the money going out with it. Who knows?? Plus I Pinks is in Charolette on that night (and Calvary's youth,) Yes Nikki I do watch Pinks when I see it on!! HAHAHA!

Well Trish and Andrew are here. I think..

Have a blessed day tomorrow! My God fill you with happiness and joy!!