Friday, March 13, 2009

A SUPERIOR My Friends..

Why yes, another one.. That makes my senior year a whole lot better. That's two this year. Patton High School Chamber singers went to Gastonia for contest today.. Our judges gave us the scores of 94, 95, & a 97!! (We had 3 judges therefore 3 scores) but still. :) && I GOT ALL MY CLAPS AND STOMPS RIGHT!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm saying I have worked for months trying to get these claps and stomps (we had to clap and stomp while singing = so hard) and today I messed up in the practice room. Plus I'm on the front row so I was slightly worried that I would mess up and be the cause of our epic fail. However, when I got on stage.. I stuck with it and it was like God just handed it to me and I got them all right. Afterwards when I tried to do it I couldn't.. Isn't that crazy??

I also got to know this girl in my chorus a little better. She reminds me of me, the way I feel about God, relationships, music, etc... She is a year younger than me.. and quite a lot prettier and whatnot. But she is the sweetest thing!

How are you today?