Monday, March 9, 2009

I don't have much..

There isn't much in my life. I spilled my wonderful weekend out on your lap the other night. It was fantastic. God has blessed us so immensely. With our family growing in marriage and birth. It's neat.

My cousin, Kory, and I figured out that our family is born in twos. Honestly, all cousins have a cousin their age except two.

For starters my brother Chad and my cousin Brandy Leigh were born close together.
My brother and cousin Amanda were born in the same month and year.
Kory and I were born close together.
Gavin don't have anyone.
Hailey and Isaiah (although brother and sister) are born close together.
Dawn has nobody.
Then Isabella and my nephew Clayton were born close together.
Now Brandy Leigh is pregnant and so is my sister in law Nikki.

Isn't that weird?
I think it's neat.

Thought I would share that little discovery with you.

Oh && I get to go to prom!! The tardies only count for first period. So I get to go. Because that way I only have two. However, I am still going to double check to make sure. Which I think is the smart thing to do :]

No worries Nikki, Amy, & Joan. I shall be attending my senior prom!! :]

Have a blessed day!
I must now go back to english 12 class.


Joan Carr said...

I'm glad to hear that you will be going to the prom. Did you wear the black dress yesterday to church, and did it fit and work ok.