Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reach Every Reader

Okay so I'm not trying to 'reach every reader'. I'm sitting in the library at school and I saw it on a post-it and I needed a title. So there you go, 'reach every reader' it is.

I bought my prom "tickets"... I paid Tyler and I paied $50 dollars for a receit that says PHS Prom $50... One piece of flimsy easty to lose almost see through paper. I know it sounds ridiculous but, to me, it's not the paper it's what the paper means (to me). It will be in my hope chest with my prom invitation and a picture or Tyler and I for when I grow up and want to look back at it : ] I know, I know.. I sound packratish but really I'm sentimental. If you know me at all, you should know that I keep just about everything that holds a memory for me. That way I NEVER forget all the good times. Plus, I will have a lot of stories to tell my kids and grandkids.

Fact: I have every note ever written to me in two 3 inch and 2 inch binders since 8th grade. Sometimes I get them out and read them and look at how far I have come, who my friends are now, and who isn't around anymore. It's neat. I think.. What do some of you hold on to?? What have you kept over the years?

I have ceased to buy a prom dress. I will get it done though. I promise!!!

Friday (tomorrow) I'm going to my friend Kayla's house... I haven't seen her since January because she had to move back to Freedom. However, it's her 18th birthday party and she says she needs her best friend there. I am also very excited to go! :]

1:55 p.m. and Patton High School's library is dead!!

Have you ever seen the movie Memory Keeper's Daughter? It's good I recommend it, however, I recommend the book over it. So much better. See, I saw the movie first and LOVED it (because it had a Down's Syndrome girl in it :]). Then I read the book and after reading the book, I realized how much awesome stuff the movie leaves out! It disappoints me a little. They need a remake, even though to do it by the whole book would make a 3 hour long movie... I would watch every second of it!\

American Idol anyone? Danny Gokey would be my favorite... He is amazing. && what I find to be awesome is he is a church music teacher. && I hope that after his American Idol (win, I hope) he goes into Christian music. I love him hahaha... He's awesome.

Megan Joy is awesome too... She is also so pretty...

Walking After Midnight by Patsy Cline was her best performance yet...I went and bought it on I-tunes. I think she did better than the original with Patsy Cline singing it (personally).

I'll post the video later because school computers won't let me get on so I shall get back to you with that performance.

Good day! :]


chadandnikki said...

"Walking after Midnight" is one of the best songs EVER. I absolutely love Patsy Cline's music. So beautiful, and sad all at the same time.