Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weight Loss

It's something I have struggled with my WHOLE life. And, starting tomorrow, I will not let it control me anymore. My mom bought me this book for Christmas called the P.I.N.K. Method. I was at it for almost a month and lost nothing but 15 lbs... so I'm going to take this into my hands and do it MY way because, I've done that before and I lost almost 40 lbs.

So, here goes nothing!!


thewhhitesale said...


Just reading random blogs. Started reading yours. Ah Youth.

Some comments from a guy more than twice your age who has his own daughter.

Slow down girl. Stand on your own two legs solidly (emotionally) first before starting to question your ability to evoke reciprocating undying devotion in another.

The short version: we must love ourselves before we can give others the freedom to love us back.

There is only one Temple in life. You eat sleep live and breathe in it and you must care for it much more than the pile of bricks in which you are praying. After all it has to last you your entire life if you are to carry out The Plan.

Perhaps you should spent your self reflection time reburbishing your Temple (see Step 2)

Want to lose weight? You are not the only one who has struggled with it. Yup. Diets simply do not work becuase they usually invovle a temporary change in behaviour.

Effective weight loss for the long term means permenantly changng your lifestyle otherwise you are destined to be ReFatted.

Step 1. Cook. Try cooking real food. BLD. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

That means no convenience foods. No prcessed foods. No Fast Foods. Nothing deep fried. Ever.

On the upside it will save you literally a fortune.

Step 2. Walk. Walk. Then walk some more.

Bonus Round: double your results by losing the meat.

i may be full of it but weighing in at 35lbs less for about 8 years seems to be proof it works.

P.s. i betcha 10 lbs you will establish more personal relationship with your ExBF doing something together like cooking, eating and walking than by doing milkshake runs in the car.

Perhaps he could commit to some self improvement and work off a few of his own extra lbs. As you walk together after your home cooked dinners.

Relax you have lotsa time to find a man... You will only be the Young You once.

Best of Luck!