Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Best Friend

James and I are no longer together. I know, it seems strange to me too. two weeks ago I was talking about how much I wanted to get married, how much I love him, and all the juicy wedding plans. I've sat and contemplated as well how one day someone can be my world and next we are fighting and not right for each other.

I do not know the purpose of God's plan in my life. But, I'm going to follow him straight through it. Although a little nervous, I'm going to follow him because he has never left me before. He has always prevailed. I'm not going to let fear conquer me anymore.

This is James and I on my 20th birthday last year. We had been dating a week. He met my friends and I at the local flea market that morning and he remembered me telling him that I wanted a purple truck when I was a little girl and he ga
ve me a purple play truck. After the flea market, his best friend, Evan, met us there and we went to a restraunt called Silver Creek. In the parking lot of Silver Creek he presented me with the necklace I am wearing in that picture. I'm sure that doesn't sound like the most romantic thing that you have ever heard but it meant so much to me. It was the first present a boy had ever given me. I wear it all the time to this day. This picture is also still on the dashboard of his car.

We had a child:) JUST KIDDING! this is Farrah Banera. She is the sweetest most cutest baby (she is also about to have some babies, so if you want one... most def let me know!) He was getting an apartment and wanted a puppy. So, we got Farrah. Farrah has spent very many hours and days spent cuddling with James and I<3 I'm going to miss that, but I still get to see Farrah! I haven't ever cared about a dog like I do her. Don't judge me;)

Meet my best friend, James. He has the prettiest blue eyes, huh? He means the absolute world to me. I tell him everything and he will always hold my heart in a way that's unknown. Any man that may walk into my life will have to accept that this is my best friend and that I will spend time with him. Otherwise, they can't be part of me. I love him. In love? I think so, maybe... But, we are best friends. Always. He proclaims he is still going to text me every morning and say "good morning, beautiful" --- this works for us. We would spend time together anyways because we go to church together and everything, and this just works. My mom doesn't agree with it because she thinks it's going to be impossible. Maybe one day we will work out together. Someday, in time, maybe he can take my ring and propose to me in a really sweet way (again) and everything will be in place. In time, in GOD's time. But, for now, every decision was mutual. We prayed and we talked. Everything is going to be absolutely A-OK.

Here's a little "No Need to Doubt Him Now"


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