Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Google, Dinner, Work...

I googled about the mines.. There ain't mines, just like I thought. However, they used to be gold mines here. (That's what I got from Mom) but that was a REALLY long time ago.

My birthday is this Friday. I'll be nineteen. More than likely it's just like being eighteen just a different number.

I wish I still had the plans I had to begin with.. however, a lot of things have changed in three months. It's ohkay though, I'll have fun Friday night at a nice little mexican restraunt in Lenoir, NC called Pancho Villa. Attending with me will be some of the greatest women I know:) let me rephrase.. I WILL be with the greatest women I know. My Mom, both my SILs (Nikki & Trisha), Nikki Deal, Tonya Jaynes, Angie Toney, hmm.. Clayton ain't a woman but he will be there:) he does pretty good hanging with the girlies..

"Any man of mine better say it fits just right when lasts years dress is just a little too tight.. anything I do or say better be okay when I have a bad hair day..."

You may be wondering why there are no guys (other than Clayton) well.. the men EVERY year (for the passed two years) they have planned the men's fishing trip on MY birthday. It's okay.. really.

"If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know my brother, He will carry you.."

Work update? There ain't one really.. it's the same everyday. I just wish people were more happy? Carrying? Loving? Respectful? It will look up, I know. I've been praying for everybody in that place! :)


chadandnikki said...

I love Pancho!! It's the best Mexican restaurant ever.