Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to the mines

Hi ho, hi ho.. it's off to work we go! OHKAY! Nobody went to the mines.. are there even mines in Morganton? I don't think so..... I'll Google it later (because I google everything)..

"Here am I so unworthy of the blood.. but yet it flowed for me"

Surprisingly enough, I had a wonderful day at work. Nobody yelled at me for wearing my pants the wrong way, nobody flipped out because ALL the dishes weren't done, and nobody fussed because I was being slow.. hmmm.. however my mother got threatened to be whooped because she taught me to "wash dishes in cold water" .. woman, I didn't turn the heat off on the sink.. Hmph. My Momma taught me to wash dishes just fine, thanks!

Have you ever met someone who couldn't smile? Or didn't now how to reply to niceness? I can't stand when I pass someone and smile and they don't smile back. Come on.. your day can't be THAT bad to disrespect your fellow smilee.. Gee!

I'm babbling about absolutely nothing.

"& our daddy's used to joke about the two of us growing up and falling in love.. "

I'm about to go do my nails.

I have a special person on my mind.

& I wish Clayton would wake up... so we can play some basketball!

Revival tonight?