Monday, April 5, 2010

Came out of nowhere & stood on the edge of nothing because there was nothing to stand on...

I was watching YouTube last night and I came across this preacher man. His name is S.M. Lockridge (the late, he has now passed away). If y'all have heard of him I'm sure you have heard of his famous sermon "That's My King".. yes, that one is awesome. But, my favorite was this one.

( it won't let me have a code. Anyways, look at it.

My favorite part is when God came out of nowhere, stood on nothing, put his hand out into nothing grabbed a hold of something when there was nothing to grab a hold of hung that something on nothing and told it to stay there. (you have to watch it.. if you skipped it.. go back! It's awesome!!)

My next favorite part is when he talks about how when Jesus was on the cross and the theif told him if he is the true God then to save himself. Jesus never replied to him but the silence said "you will see" because it is better to come up out of the grave than to come down from the cross.

How awesome?! Haha..

Have a nice day:).. (if you have still yet to watch it.. do it!!)