Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drexel Carnival:) and a bunch of other babble

I thought it was the fair until my Mom explained it to me. Hahaha.. It was just the fair but I had so much fun. I went with Tyler (you all know him or you should from earlier posts), Taylor (the best friend from earlier posts), Austin (picture from yesterday), & Bethany:) (you don't know Bethany.. she is Austin's girlfriend and the quietest person I have ever met in my life!)


I had fun.

Got a text that made me smile when I got home:)

Hm.. to go down this road again or to not go down this road again, that is the question?

I'm officially broke. I spent 13 dollars on an unlimited riding bracelet and rode a whole of two rides. I should have listened to Tyler. Buy by tickets I would have saved like five dollars.

I rode the Farriswheel! (: My favorite ride!!!! I was so excited. All but I got scared when we stopped exactly on top and the riderunner guy said "don't lean forward or it will flip and you will fall out" and what does Tyler want to do at the top?! It really flipped me out. Haha.. he probably has my hand print permanently and forever on his legs. Ha, sorry for that Ty..

I was excited about the barn and stuff but that's because I thought it was the fair. It's wasn't the fair. But!! When the fair comes around then I'll be right there! Hahahahaha.. I'm such a kiddo. It's ohkay though:)

Oh, I took one step towards college the other day. I took a TABE test.. my basic education is good, I passed:). NOW I have to take CPR. Then, I can start my classes:).

But for right now I'm going to go to bed because I have to be at work @ 7 am. Oh by the way if you didn't know I now have a full time job!:).

I'm getting my relationship back with God too. FINALLY! Man.. I really messed up but no sin is bigger than grace.