Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No love interest.

You know what's crazy? For ONCE in my life, I don't like anyone. It's insane.

T just isn't fun anymore, I don't know what it is. Actually I do. It's school & stress & yada, yada, yada. It's turned him into a monster. Ohkay, over exaggeration. Yes. But, it has turned him into quite the jerk sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be like "T, you are a jerk." Whatever.

Welp, I broke the news to my parents so I might as well you. There is this guy that I have been friends with for the past four years. I've never met him, just on email. I met him on Yahoo Answers (advice website.. ya ya ya.. longer story). Welp, this Christmas he is coming up. He lives in Florida. No, we aren't dating (Chad). But he is spending Christmas with me & my family (be nice to him. No guns or weird stuff). It's 3 months away but I'm superduper excited about it.

I'm sure you are thinking "you met a guy on the internet, what if he is a rapist??" Well, he might be. Which is why I'm keeping my guard up & doing everything safe, ohkay?

I've prayed about it for a VERY long time & asked God to give me a peace about it & he has. & my Dad didn't freak out which is a good thing. He just said that I'm 18 & I for me to be smart about it. Which is exactly what I wanted him to say (normally my Dad would have flipped a lid or something because he doesn't know how the internet works, just what he hears on Fox News & whatnot). Mom helped with saying we were just penpals hahaha..

He says he is Christian & believes in God & stuff. && he seems like the most awesome person ever, & I hope he is. I pray he is. I believe he is. But I'm still keeping my gaurd up. No worries, I'm being safe:)

Hm, my cousin wants to talk to me on the phone. Should I? Ha, he was so rude to me today. After I went out of the way to see him at his work.. ohkay, I didn't go for him. I went to see my bestfriend. Whatever, I tried to sulk in infamous glory for like two seconds. (Just kidding).

I'm rude today, I'ma go:)


Amber McCarthy said...

I met someone online you know this and I didnt end up raped murdered or anything weird or crazy like that, and you have talked to this guy wayy longer than I talked to Steven, See I have no patience!

I mean who doesnt meet people online theses days it is becoming more and more popular, I am glad you are being smart and safe about it, and that you actually told your parents and everyone about it rather than going behind their backs, Which is what I wanted to do! haha anyway Ive already talked to you about this, but I havent left a comment on your blog in a while and so I am dragging this one out to make up for it!

Anyway I love you lots and am so happy for you!