Friday, September 25, 2009

My Dream Job.

I literally shook all my blankets out & my pillows on my bed lastnight, after I took a shower, to make sure there wasn't a lizard in it. Don't laugh. How would you feel if you had a lizard in your home?

I have nothing to post about in my life, so I thought I'd talk about my dream job. This is obviously a dream because it's never going to happen so here ya go. I would absolutely LOVE to be a co-host on The View. I see you laughing. You know? Well don't! Hahaha, I'm sure you have some crazy funny dream. At least I'm man woman enough to admit mine! Haha, I'm being over dramatic. Just kidding, I'd never fuss like that. But really....

I want to be a co-host on The View.

I'd love it. Hahaha, it'd be the time of my life. How fun would it be to just sit around with a bunch of other woman & talk about the world's hottopics? I believe it'd be a blast. I watch this show everyday. Here in good ol' Morganton it comes on at 11:00am! PLUS!!: They give away the best prizes on there! They are the bomb! Let me tell you! Hahahahaha! Okay....

Am I lame? It'd be cool, just go with it.


Now, I'll go watch Phenias & Ferb & wait on Mom to get back with some Tokyo.


chadandnikki said...

Seriously "The View"?? I can't stand all that arguing. Maybe you could do a more civilized version where they don't talk over top of each other all time. My grandmother(not that I'm implying your old) really does love the view though.