Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Mr. Rogers is the bomb. Just wanted to point that out.

Today is so much better than yesterday. Yesterday was rough & somewhat depressing. Along with the last.. about 3 days. Maybe it's because of the rain. Who knows. At this moment I hear the bus dropping off some kids in our neighborhood. I didn't know it was already almost 3. Wow, today has gone by super fast.

I decided to open the door today for a little fresh air & just have the screen door there. Ohkay, it wasn't for fresh air. It's because I'm trying to give a lizard an escape plan from our house. Yes, there is a lizard. Mom was going towards the kitchen & when she sat up to get up off the couch she said "Jamie, don't freak out, there is a lizard about this long" & she showed me with her fingers. Hm, I was like "do I have time to run to the couch over there" I was already in the chair but the loveseat is just a little further away from the lizard which results in some more comfort, hahahaha. Well, we couldn't catch it so Mom's last result was to kill it or knock it out or something. So, she picked up our 100 year old dictionary (we've had it since my oldest brother Chad, who is 28, was a kid) & she chucked it at him. Broke the spine on the dictionary (sorry Seevers) & cut part of the lizard's tail off. However, it didn't knock it out. It decided to run behind our food cabinet. This inspired me to clean my room because I did not want that thing hiding in my clothes hahahaha. I told Mom I wasn't sleeping in my room tonight hahaha. So I made the game plan of opening the front door to let it out of the screen door where it stays open a little. Hope it works.

Me & Mom were talking about what my nephew, Clayton, would do if he were here. I chose jabber at it & chase it. Hahahahaha..

That's my adventure for the day:) I hope that it put some humor in your day.


chadandnikki said...

Definitely jabber and then chase it. Probably finished off with a lizard snack. "No no no no no" and a "Goooooooooooo".