Friday, September 4, 2009

High School

Man, now that I look back, I miss those days. However, when I literally went back and visited yesterday, I didn't miss the fact that I had to sit in a chair & learn:) It was good to just be a visitor.

Yesterday, me & my goodfriend Gillian, went to the library (we were both librarian assistants last year) & we just love our librarians! Mr. Seevers & Mrs. Alexander A. They were always more like our friends than our teachers but also very good encouaragers & wonderful people to talk to when you are down & need to get something off your chest. It was so good to see them & they were most definitely surprised by our showing up.

I also went & saw my old chorus teacher, Mrs. Sawyer. She taught me more in my first year at Patton than I learned at Freedom in one year. I just love her to death & she was surprised to see me too. I listened to the newly developed Women's Ensemble. They were pretty good.

Everyone says I look different these days. I'm not sure what it is. Mrs. Sawyer, Mr. Seevers, & Mrs. A all said it. && at church my Mom's friend, Carolyn, & my friend, Carol have all said it. They say I have a glow about me these days? Carolyn asked me if I was in love and I said "No?" hahahaha.. I just told her that I'm where I'm suppose to be with God & I'm pretty darn happy that way.

I guess I am in love. I'm in love with my Savior!


Ashley said...

I wish I could've gone with you. :(
I would've loved to see everyone!
Especially Ms. Sawyer. I love that woman, for sure.

chadandnikki said...

High School's just the beginning. It really does only get better.