Monday, December 29, 2008

I Wish My Brother's Were My Best Friends;

I have not slowed down all day, oh I'm tireddddd; Clayton had me on my toes since early ahahaha.. He ate so much at lunch he made me full watching him. I don't know where he put it all he got that one from his dad; FOR SURE! He didn't come to my house because my mom has the crud.. puking and all that comes with it! I'm glad I don't have it anymore and I PRAY that I DON'T get it again!

Well I left Claybob's at about 4, I guess. I went to Bible Study early because we had our "Christmas Party" tonight. It was suppose to be last week but I had that "crud" that my mom has. So we changed it so I could be there.. (That's what Momma Jaynes is for).

I had fun either way, because well that's what happens when you go to the Jaynes house. You have fun.

I came to a conclusion that scares me. (Thanks Feelings); being a teenager is the lamest thing anyone ever invented.

Hm, my brother is gone for a week; "/ sortah depressing. No matter how much we fight, I still love him and I like it when he's home. My dad wants me to clean his room, I have no idea why I was elected to do this, but whatever. Dad said he would pay me though, that he would make him. Andrew is tight, I would like to see him try to make him. I bet Nikki misses Chad. I always miss Chad because I don't see him alot. That side of the Carswell family has the busiest life I have ever seen. I don't know how they do it. God, has blessed them though, so tremendously!! With Chad's sugar, and Clayton :D We all waited and prayed a long time for that little guy!

I wish my brother's were my best friend's like on that movie raise your voice. Chad's closer than Andrew will ever be. Because, I don't know why.. Me and Chad can talk about ANYTHING (which I love) and Andrew.....hunting, hunting, hunting, animals, hunting. Blllaaaa! Fact: Did you know I took hunter's safety so I could get my license and be closer to my brother? pahaha, lame right?!?

Well I'm on an I-Tunes expedition and I'm having fun.. I have $53 dollars to spend!

Be safe Chad & Andrew.. and whoever else you are with.
Love You Guys!