Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stacking Your Stones;

Today has been a most wonderful day I must honestly say. God has been so gracious to me today. This morning I really got my eyes opened up, for real. First in Sunday school and how we are examples to others... and how is what you have done in the past year glorified God and what has pulled you away or made you closer? Well it made me look at my life, and I'm going to let you know about it; I'm sure you care.. well if you are reading this I guess you do.

My year began with praying, honestly that's what our church does every year. I'm excited about this year though because Alan Carr is preaching (that's my sister-in-laws dad) if you don't know him, you should because he is an amazing preacher! Well anyways, ahahaha;
Well that was all good and well at the beginning of the year. Honestly, I wasn't where I should have been with the Lord ESPECIALLY in my prayer life.
Then, the most percious thing happend.. on February 15, 2008 Clayton Avery Carswell was introduced into my life. He was beautiful (and still is to this day).. :D All during Nikki's pregnancy my mom would tell me how when he got here that I needed to be a Godly example for him, and me being the teenager with the attitude that I am knew good and well that this was what was expected, so I just rolled my eyes and said "Mom, I know" and went on with life. However, at his dedication service I thought about how I don't need to be and example to just him, ya know? That would sortah be like "straddling the fence" God calls in luke warm, and He says if you are luke warm that he will spew you out of his mouth. Well I didn't want to be fake and whatnot. So I thought to myself "I shouldn't just be an example to Clayton, I need to be an example to everyone"..
So I rededicated my life there at Clayton's dedication service and I was going strong and whatnot.. Then just as ALWAYS I slipped back into my old habits. Sortah, playing church I suppose (which makes you feel like JUNK!!)

Let me fastforward to this mornings service, my dad was talking about stacking your stones (he preached out of Joshua 1, for those who might like to read). He was talking about being a good example to others, and how are you stacking your stones? I noticed that for half of a year I have sortah been a fake. Yes, don't get me wrong, I love God with all I have.. and I would more than likely be a marter for him... but still; I noticed what I had done. I have been stacking stones wonderful to people but to myself, my stones were falling everytime I tried to stack them up. So I fixed it.
When dad gave the altar call he said, "today would be a great day to just start over, get a clean slate" and whatnot... so I did, my slate is clean && I'm going to try to live up to what God would have me live for. Because, he died for me, shed his blood on Calvary and all he asks of us is to live for him. That's the least I could do. However, I don't want to do my least, I want to do the VERY BEST I can for him!!!!! && I declare that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Well now that I have a new outlook on life, I'm going to get a new outlook on the back of my eyelids.
Clayton Avery is coming tomorrow.. bright and early && I got to be ready! I LOVE BABYSITTING HIM!
and playing with him and doing all the cool stuff aunts do. He only has two aunts so me and Amy HAVE to spoil him!!!! Well I am anyways, I don't have to live with him, ahahaha. :D Sorry Chad & Nikki!!



chadandnikki said...

Welcome to the blogosphere James. Love it and you too of course. And you can never get too many toys(just ask Chad)