Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy Day With The Jaynessss!

So, if you know me.. you know that I love, love, love to spend time with the Jaynes family. If you don't know them, they are my adopted extended family my second mom and dad, home away from home, an adopted sister and two brothers, well... you're just missing out if you don't know them. You get my point by now:

I got out of bed, ashamed.... at eleven! Yeah I stayed up late on the computer as I normally do when I have no school the next day. But, hey.. what's a seventeen year old to do with no car (cause she's cool and wrecked it)?
So Trisha calls and asks what I'm doing when she gets off work, and of course my answer was absolutely NOTHING! As alwaysssssss!!!

Anyways, the parents gave the okay (of course that's what they say when Trish and Tonya are involved), but it don't bother me none.. I live for weekends like today! So we drove to the lake.....60 on EVERY road there. Yeah, I'm sure you don't think 60 is too bad.. but I swannnyy these are the curviest roads in burke county! Anyways, after God allowed us to safetly arrive to the Jaynes' place. We hung out for a while. Tyler showed off his new guitar and Austin showed us how awesome his new XBox 360 was. Then we compared I-Pods and he declared mine better. Then Callie show off her new puppy "Snuggles", it's the cutest thing, by far, that I have ever seen in my life!

After that, we left.

To Hickory, with now a safer driver, Tonya. We get to Hickory and go into Old Navy and they have absolutely NOTHING! I have never went in that store and not come out with at least something...It's my favorite place, but after tonight, IDK. Then we went to Rack Room Shoes to buy some shoes for my Best Friend, Gillian. Then we went to El Paso, I'm not a big fan of El Paso (in Morganton anyways), but it was pretty good in Hickory. Of course, our last stop was Super Wal-Mart.

I love Tonya to death!!! But, she won't let you pay for ANYTHING!

Strange: Tonya Jaynes actually left Hickory without stopping at Krispy Kreme..

Well, that might be because we were late as heck getting back to the movies in Morganton to see "Bed Time Stories" it was such a cute movie!

Afterwards (it's now 12 something) we go back to The Jaynes place and reside for a few minutes. Then home again home again...

Now I'm here talking to my best cousin Kory, and my friend Ronnie, who I haven't talked to in a while because he now resides in Lenoir instead of Morganton. I'm going to go catch up on old times and whatnot.