Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dear God,
I want you take this situation and make it yours. Go to her and let her know what is right. Put it in her heart to do. Not go back to the way things were. Place that rejuvination in her heart to be what you want her to be. Everything you want her to be. I don't have words to say to her. I can't say that I have been there before because, truly, I haven't. All I know is YOU are the one that can do something about it. YOU are the one in control. When we are YOUR children we should want what YOU want. Allow her to see that. Let me be the friend I should be so I can give her the advice she needs. Since, I don't know the right advice I am seeking guidance to you. Lord, you and me both know she knows what it's like to be all yours and living for you. Let her experience that again. Show her you can have camp in your heart all year around and not just when you are in that building for that one week. Lord, I am yours. Use me in her life. Lord, reveal yourself to her. You are beautiful and mighty and I think sometimes we forget how holy you are. Reveal to her that you aren't punishing her and you don't want her away from him. You just want her. Convict her to want to be all that you have her be.. bring Philippians 4:6-7 to her mind everyday until she does it and has a heart knowledge of it not just a head knowledge. She can't have that fire if she doesn't seek you for guidance. I pray that you put your arms around her and allow her to feel that. I love you Lord and thank you for letting me have such an amazing best friend.

In Jesus Name.

Love, me.