Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One of those days

Why do I feel like this today? Nothing has went wrong, I wasn't fired from my job, and nobody broke my heart. It's just one of those days where my feelings are hurt and there is no explanation as of why.

I have a guy on my mind. A guy that is the best man, to me, since my Daddy. When you can get that high on my totem pole you've done a seriously fine job, my friend. One minute, he's interested.. the next he's not.

".. judge a man by the size of his heart instead of his rear.. it's likely to do ya more good" --8Seconds.

That reminds me of him. All but, I'm not a man.. but I have a big heart and an even bigger rear. I hate how guys look at what you look like. Why is it so important? Nevermind, I understand. Looks aren't everything, but they sure do help. I look at looks too. & I always hit out of my league. Big time.. because this man, my friends, is gorgeous. I, on the contrary, not so much.

OH! OH! OH! (change of subject but oh well) I got a new dress:) A black one. I'm now the proud owner of a "little black dress".. I'm way too excited about this and even more excited that I swiped it for a great deal at Ross! :) You can ask Taylor, Kory, Sam, and Christina. It was serious.. I was in love!!!!!!! What's cool is it says it's a size 12. I am NO WHERE near a size 12. Ha, makes me feel all cute and stuff:)!

I can't wait for this weekend. It's full of fun ahead!!:).
I'm going to go sulk now hahaha, because I'm good at that today.
Have a good one!


chadandnikki said...

You are gorgeous. And no guy is ever out of your league because of looks. While looks are nice, looks change. And they change frequently. A guy may be out of your league simply because he is spiritually or intellectually in a different place. And being "out of your league" isn't necessarily a bad thing if it causes you to strive to become more. Love!