Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time Fly's!

My last post was in February! How do we let time go by us so quickly? So much has changed in 3 months...

I'm still on my weight loss journey! In February I weighed in at 257. 3 months later I am weighing at 242. Not a lot to some, but I big accomplishment for me. 

I've also gotten a job and that has helped me out ALOT. 

My ex and I? I rather not see him on a daily basis. I never knew someone could cause me so much hurt and do the things I feel he has done towards me, because I would NEVER do those things. And, he wants to act like everything is okay. Well guess what, it's not!

Holding on to Jesus. That's all I know to do.

This is my best friend of 8 years? Since 7th grade. We are getting our own place together and we are so excited!! She just had gastric bypass surgery and I'm so happy for her. She struggles with self image even worse than I do. She's a big inspiration to my weight loss journey! Not only will I be pissed if she looks all sexy at 160 and I'm still her in the 240s... but, I want her to see that she isn't alone and that she always has me, through thick and thin (literally). Because, she has always shown me that! So, me and her got this. Even though she has a jump start and will be doing it a lot faster than me we can still do it. Together!