Monday, November 29, 2010


Dear God,
I have been thinking lately, that I am a lot like the woman at the well. My life was ruined and wasted.. and my soul was bound for hell. But then, I met the master and you told me of my sin and said if I'd just drink from the fountain.. I'd never thirst again. That really speaks to my heart.

I can tell that we aren't as close as we were. But, who's fault is that? Yes, Lord.. I know. Mine. I get caught up in so much. I'm not going to make any excuses.. because, well, Father.. there are none to make. No not one.

Thank you for making me happy. I haven't smiled this much, in a long time.

I love you.

In Jesus Name,
Love, me.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Dear God,
Thank you a whole lot for our talk we had last night. I really have faith. It's really there and I know it's going to happen. :) I believe in you! One more time, God, just one more time.

Thank you for allowing me to go with Daddy this morning to sing at the Daycare. Those older people can barely remember what happens from day to day, Lord, but they all lifted their hands when asked if they still remembered the day that the Lord saved them.

Will you let more of you shine through me? So, I can stand and say "I am not ashamed" like the little lady at the Daycare. They are a blessing. Thank you for letting me experience that. & if you would like for me to, I'd like to go back next month when Daddy goes to preach. But, that's up to you. You can just let me know :).

Thank you for my progress in this uphill climb from the "problem" that I had. I know with you that all things are possible and that you will bring me through the fire. I know that with you I can do it. You will give me strength and courage and wisdom to stand up and say no.

You have my life mapped out before me and I don't want to do anything in this world to postpone your will. Remind me that the valley's only make me stronger and that in you I have victory. Keep me in your will so that I won't be in your way.

I love you, Lord. This valley has been very difficult, but, I believe with you I can still make it. I believe I'm through the worst part :) and that only better things are to come. I love you so much for calling my name.

In Jesus Name.

Love, me.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear God,
This life you have allowed me to lead has been an up and down battle since Johanna's first birthday. I know that you allow everything to happen to me for a reason, unknown to me. I also know that I could have stopped a lot of things that have lead me here. & I also thank you that you have forgiven me for failing you so miserably and horribly. I'm so wretched, yet you love me more and more as time goes on. You never fail. You have kept every promise you have ever made me.

No matter the heart break I you allow and I bring upon myself. You're still God. I never thought that I would want to rewind my life and redo everything. I thought I was this amazing person, Lord. But, I'm not. I'm vile, mean, rude, unworthy. Not good at all. But, none of us are.

You'll make a way somehow. There is sunshine in this storm. I can feel it :).

Thank you Lord for my best friend. I almost lost her the other day. I'm not sure exactly what I would do without her. She's the only one who has been there for EVERYTHING and never left me. Well, that's not true, now is it? That is you. But, you have allowed her to be my best friend to be here to help me through everything. Thank you.

I praise you and thank you for finally allowing me and pointing me towards the right kind of guy. I am still going to stick to my dating fast, however if you allow him to feel the same for me.. I will go for it. Is that okay? I believe if you let him.. it's okay. I can just feel you in the midst of it! :). It's all up to you, though. I will love you either way. Because, you're still God!

In Jesus Name.

Love, me.