Thursday, December 3, 2009

I figured something out...

I've never told anyone because I didn't want to sound "stupid" or "ridiculous" but, God has been silent to me for almost 3 months. I just figured (from things not spoken) that I wasn't worthy enough for Him to answer my prayers. However, His word says "none is good, no not one"...

Then I open my Bible Study to start it.. and it's on when God is silent and "has God ever been silent in your life?" I was like "oh my!" I love how He works and it seems like it is just for you!

Sometimes God is silent because He isn't ready for you to know what's going on and what He's doing just yet.

There are two ways that you can deal with this silence.. you could be like me and get angry and upset and frustrated! (not a good choice, just saying. It ruins a very good relationship) ... Or you could just surrender to Him and say "Lord, just show me what you want me to know"...

That's what you do if it isn't sin that is keeping Him from speaking to you.

:) Wanted to share what I learned!!